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The Tallahassee Museum is located on Tallahassee's southwest side of town on the shores of beautiful Lake Bradford. Free parking is available.


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A Family and Friends membership is less than $5 per month for unlimited family fun, and pays for itself in just 2 to 3 visits! The best recreational value in the Big Bend area is the Tallahassee Museum Membership program.

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The Tallahassee Museum depends on the generosity of individuals, small businesses, corporations, foundations and planned gifts to succeed in our mission to promote knowledge and understanding of the Big Bend’s cultural history and natural environment, inspiring people to enrich their lives and build a better community.

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“Just wanted to say, my boyfriend and I are big supporters of you guys. Our first date was at the museum, we never miss a free college day, we just love you guys! Keep up your amazing work!”
~Breanne Ward
February 2017


“As a kid I loved playing all over the caboose and even used it for photo assignments in college. I left Tallahassee and worked in the photo industry in Dallas and NYC for 2 decades after that. I learned to love museums and history, playing and learning at this great museum!”
~Susan Oswalt Holden
July 15, 2015


“I was in the middle of an art teaching internship and was suddenly not well enough to stand in front of a classroom. My adviser suggested I complete my internship through the museum. Jennifer Golden and her team accepted me with open arms and I was able to work independently…and seated. Everyone was incredibly encouraging to me as well as enthusiastic and knowledgeable in their departments. The Tallahassee Museum is one of my favorites, not only because they helped me graduate on time, but more because they acknowledge that the lines between history, sciences, and fine arts are not as hard as they may seem. They celebrate the way these areas work together. Wonderful place, I’m very grateful for my brief time there.”
~ Jeri Glaze
February 24, 2014


“I was born in Tallahassee. I remember bringing a bag of apples to feed the bears! I enjoyed the Museum so much that I was married at the gazebo by the plantation home in 1993. I then brought my kids, nieces, friends to the Museum many times and now bring my granddaughter. It is wonderful to take pictures of the next generations experiencing the same excitement I did.
~ Shannon Klein Piotrowski
November, 6, 2014


“I love the Tallahassee Museum & have been visiting for 55 years. I see something new every time I go! My husband & I enjoyed the Tree to Tree Adventures & loved the Valentines evening event, & now our grandchildren love visiting all the animals & the playground.”
~ Gena Varn
February 24, 2014


“Working at the museum was my first job after college at FSU. I worked on building the bear habitat and bridge, restored the base of the cane press and enjoyed taking care of the animals. Just a handy man but, it was a great job in 1973. Thanks for all that the wonderful memories.”
~ Michael Partin
February 24, 2014


“As a college student, I don’t have the opportunity to get out much. I Love the outdoors. Coming to the Museum gives me the setting to really enjoy the task at hand. Halloween Howl taught me to always put passion in every activity I’m delegated to do. There were so many toddlers asking me questions about the lights and decorations, and it brought so much wonderment to their eyes. The helpful staff radiates with positivity and over express their appreciation for my lending hand. I feel a sense of family here and I would love to continue the partnership. There’s no better place to volunteer than at the Tallahassee Museum.”

~ Gerlisia Hawks Still
March 6, 2015


There is so much to love about the Tallahassee Museum. The Jazz and Blues Festival, native Florida animals in a natural setting, a working 1880s farm, the amazing preschool and summer camp programs, the historic buildings, and so much more. We believe it’s a touchstone for our community, a place where we can go to reaffirm our “sense of place” in the world. It’s essential to support this museum. it is a priceless regional treasure.
~ Dell and Denise Suggs


I gladly support the Tallahassee Museum because it is my favorite place for quality family time. Some of my fondest memories include the mornings and afternoons I have spent exploring the animal habitats and historic buildings with my husband and son.  I know my annual contribution goes toward making similar memories for other families.
~ Susan Baldino


“I have countless memories of field trips to the Museum. Learning not just about all the animals I saw while I was there, but also about some of the history behind my hometown. It changed my appreciation for Tallahassee. You guys are doing a great job out there.”
~ Landon O’Connell
February 24, 2014


“We have been members for over 30 years. My children loved the Tallahassee Museum and now my grandkids do too.”
~ Kimberly Smith Watford
February 7, 2015


“I remember doing the square dance in 5th grade. I also remember riding the horse around the ring that grinded sugar cane.”
~ Mark Hargrove
February 7, 2015


“The director, Mrs. Grissett, from years ago is a special family friend. She always showed me things around the Museum that no one else saw.”
~ Mary Harrell Carr
February 16, 2015


My early memories of the museum include sitting on the cypress stump and eating Atomic Fireballs from the commissary back in 1970, when I visited the museum for the first time on a 4th grade field trip. After I graduated from college, I brought my own son to the dinosaur exhibit, and waited in line as I joined the whole community at one of the most popular museum shows to ever visit Tallahassee.  Because of these early memories, my son now brings his own wife and daughter to the museum whenever they visit Tallahassee.

Later, I brought my young daughter to Pioneer Days and she helped the board of trustees and I cook pancakes, eggs, and grits early in the morning for hundreds of museum visitors.  She now carries these memories with her to college and looks forward to coming back with her own family in the future.

My wife and I have supported the museum through a Habitat Club membership and unrestricted giving. We consider the museum to be part of the bedrock of our community and will continue to do our part to assure that others have the opportunity to create the kinds of memories that our family cherishes.   We look forward to many future opportunities to support the museum and encourage others to do the same.
~ Allan Franklin, Jr.

“Still the highlight of my visit to Tally. Make it a point to go down memory lane.”
~ Paulette Mosley Colson
February 18, 2015


“My first trips to the Tallahassee Museum were downtown. I watched the new one grow. I remember doing bird watching in the mid 60’s at the new Museum. Once when my kids were young, we went to pioneer days and the tom turkey followed my son everywhere he went for about 20 minutes! The turkey was eyeball to eyeball with him, but never pecked at him! I was surprised he wasn’t aggressive at all, it was cute.”
~ Shirley Harding
February 6, 2015


“In 1967, the 5th grade class of Kate Sullivan demonstrated the Square Dance upon a platform erected before the farmhouse. We had free rein on the red caboose, which we treated like a Jungle-Jim. Pickles from the barrel were two-for-a-quarter and, when we got back, Coach Searcy made anyone who ate more than two run the rim of Cobb Bowl. I think Mary Margaret Spitz was my dance partner. Maybe it was Pam Stewart.”
~ Jeff DeVore
February 6 , 2015


“I was there for girl scouts one summer. Awesome place. My dad had a membership and we went almost every weekend.”
~ Julia Wilson
February 15, 2015


“The Museum always put me in a happy state of mind. Nature, Animals and a caboose.”
~ William Bevis
February 15, 2015


“We visited today. It was a wonderful day and the Museum has been making improvements. We love all the Jim Gary dinosaurs.”
~ Kimberly Smith Watford
February 15, 2015


“When I was a little kid (let’s not discuss how long ago), my parents say I would beg them to go to the Museum to see the duck with the bonnet. It’s said that I was content to at least look through the fence when the Museum was closed. I have that and many other fond memories over the years.”
~ Laurie Copps
February 25, 2015


“I have been going here my whole life. Being homeschooled, the Museum was a huge part of our curriculum. We participated in several programs and were part of a play called “The Ecoshow.” Now I am grown up and bring my daughter here. Thank you guys for always being so awesome!”
~ Lindley Evelo Fredrickson
August 6, 2014


“My favorite memory is watching my fearless daughter trying out the zip line course without even thinking about it.  She’s awesome!”
~ Cindy Cross
March 4, 2015


“This gift was made as a small payback for the environmental and historical educational opportunities that our family has experienced over the years.  The Museum is a major part of the fiber that binds the Tallahassee community and contributes to the uniqueness of our area.  We want the Museum to continue to thrive for future generations. “
~ George and Joel Dawson
December 16, 2015

Photo Credits: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory Project