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The Tallahassee Museum is located on Tallahassee’s southwest side of town on the shores of beautiful Lake Bradford. Free parking is available.


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A Family and Friends membership is less than $5 per month for unlimited family fun, and pays for itself in just 2 to 3 visits! The best recreational value in the Big Bend area is the Tallahassee Museum Membership program.

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The Tallahassee Museum depends on the generosity of individuals, small businesses, corporations, foundations and planned gifts to succeed in our mission to promote knowledge and understanding of the Big Bend’s cultural history and natural environment, inspiring people to enrich their lives and build a better community.

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Create and Learn From Home

While we have temporarily closed our doors, our mission continues.

We are thrilled to share enriching challenges and activities to families while they are home from work and school.

Parents and kids are invited to experience, discover and explore the Tallahassee Museum through interactive, creative ways to learn from home.

As a nonprofit, our core mission is to inspire people to transform their lives, community, and the world through an enhanced understanding of our region’s natural and cultural environments.

We encourage you to follow us on social media as we plan to provide engaging, educational, and inspiring content throughout this time.

Examples are: Grow a garden from kitchen scraps, learn how to move like an animal, build a dinosaur with household items. Hands-on activites and instructions are provided below, enjoy.

Discovery Challenge

The purpose of this activity is to make detailed observations about nature.

Notepad, pen or pencil

Breakfast time:
With your notepad and pencil, open a window or go outside and find a nice place to sit. Close your eyes. Use your other senses to discover the world around you. What do you hear? Smell? Feel? Now open your eyes and write those observations down. Then using your eyes, what do you see around you? You can discover things up-close or far away. Draw a picture or take a picture!

Go to the same spot you went to earlier and repeat the activity.

Dinner time:
Go to the same spot and repeat the activity.

Now look back at your day of discovery. Was anything the same? Was anything different? Write it down and compare notes.

Extended Learning:
You can have other friends or family members try it! Then you can compare with them. The next day you can try this in a different spot and compare your results to the day before!


Animal Moves Challenge

Instructions: Move like an animal!

Let’s get slithering with our animal moves.

Did you know a panther can jump 20 feet in length? Have you ever watched a snake move across the ground, or a flamingo hop on one leg?

Show us how far you can jump and how many of the 12 animal moves in the link below you complete! Or maybe you want to create your animal walks. Get moving and show us what you’ve got.

For some demonstrations on how to carry on like a critter, visit:

Dinosaur Challenge

Do you love dinos? Do you love cars? Well, so did artist, Jim Gary! Using parts around your house, see what kind of dinosaur you can build. (With parent’s permission, of course)

Take a look at the dinosaurs currently in Tallahassee Museum’s collection and learn about the parts that Jim Gary used to make them. 


Brought to life in 1979, Jim Gary’s Twentieth Century Dinosaurs exhibition of large, colorful sculptures of dinosaurs, made from discarded automobile parts, began an amazing journey around the world.


Smart Architecture Challenge

It is time to shape up with today’s challenge with Smart Architecture!

What shapes do you see in these pictured buildings? How many can you find in the architecture of your home? Take a scavenger hunt around the house and take an inventory of all the shapes you find!

Pictured here are photos from our Old Florida collection at the Tallahassee Museum. Each structure represents a community function through which the residents created a sense of purpose and sense of place for themselves and their children.

Learn more here:


At Home Enrichments for Your Pets

What is behavioral enrichment?

This is providing items for the animals to stay physically and mentally active. Many of the Tallahassee Museum animals are originally from the wild but were deemed unreleasable after first going to a rescue or rehabilitation facility. We provide our animals with different enrichments from spraying different smells in their habitat, providing different boxes with unique treats, or adding entirely new structures to change their habitat. Enrichments should allow the animal to use their different senses and improve the overall quality of life.

Here are a few easy enrichments we provide the animals at the museum that you can easily make for your animal at home.

For dogs and cats:

1 used toilet paper roll

1 dog treat/ 1 cat treat


Fold one end of the toilet paper roll to close the end. Then add the treat to the open end and then close that one. Do not use any tape or string because that is not digestible. 

Allow your pet to sniff it. You can then hide it somewhere for them to find or just let them paw at it and rip it open to get the treat out!


Additional enrichment for when it is hot outside: 

1 tablespoon of cat nip 

5oz paper cup

2oz of water

Add a tablespoon of cat nip to a small paper cup and then cover with a few ounces of water. Stick in the freezer until frozen. Then peel the paper cup away from the cat nip ice cube! Allow your cat to play with the cube!

You can also do this for your dog but using a dog treat instead of cat nip.



For the birds:

Peanut butter

Bird seed

Pine cone or stick


Smear some peanut butter on a pine cone or stick and then sprinkle bird seed on it. Then go set it outside for the birds to enjoy!


Tallahassee Museum

Tallahassee Museum 3945 Museum Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310
Phone: (850) 575-8684 Info line: (850) 576-1636


9 am – 5 pm: Monday-Saturday
11 am – 5 pm: Sunday

Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day and New Year’s Day