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The Tallahassee Museum is located on Tallahassee's southwest side of town on the shores of beautiful Lake Bradford. Free parking is available.


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A Family and Friends membership is less than $5 per month for unlimited family fun, and pays for itself in just 2 to 3 visits! The best recreational value in the Big Bend area is the Tallahassee Museum Membership program.

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The Tallahassee Museum depends on the generosity of individuals, small businesses, corporations, foundations and planned gifts to succeed in our mission to promote knowledge and understanding of the Big Bend’s cultural history and natural environment, inspiring people to enrich their lives and build a better community.

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Group Programs

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Our education team offers a variety of enriching programs for your group.  Aligned with, but not exclusive to Florida’s State Standards, our programs hit the benchmarks necessary for adding that special touch to your lesson plan.  Pre-K programs are between 30-45 minutes in length. All other programs are 45-60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

All program fees are for groups of 25 individuals, with up to 10 additional individuals at $5 per person. Group numbers must not exceed 35 total individuals. We are unable to accommodate more than 35 individuals in a single program. To best accommodate you, we ask that you finalize your total number of participants with us no less than 3 business days prior to your program. 

Museum Experiences for All Ages

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Special Programs

Each year we offer special programming that focuses on themes that are specific to the season. See these exciting experiences below to add to your calendar. 

Fall Farm Day – November 16 & 17, 2017

The theme of this year’s Fall Farm Days is “A Child’s Life on the Farm.”  Children who lived on the farm in the 1880s all had jobs.  During this program children will learn about the duties a child would perform on an 1880s farmstead.  Children will visit the animals on the farm, wash dishes, churn butter, sweep the porch, plow the garden and pull weeds!  This program is $75.

African American History Day – February 16, 2018

The Bellevue House, Concord School House, and the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church will provide your group the opportunity to take a step back in time as you discover strength and diversity while learning about Big Bed history through hands-on activities.  Activities will include reading of the Emancipation Proclamation, tours of historic plantation buildings, candle dipping, and an up close look at period collections pieces. This program is $75.

Spring Farm Days – March 1 & 2, 2018

The theme of this year’s Spring Farm Days is “Preparing for Spring on the Farm”.  As the seasons changed so did the lifestyle of an 1880s farmer.  Children will learn how 1880s farmers prepared for Spring.  They will learn how the maintenance of the animals changed, how food was preserved, they will plow and even help plant a seasonal vegetable!  This program is $75.

Butterflies in Spring- March 23, 2018

The best time to see butterflies is in the fall and spring. In this program, students will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, the difference between a moth and a butterfly, and the importance of pollination. Students will also receive a chance to look at different butterfly parts under a microscope. SSS: SC.K2.CS-CS.1.1; SC.2.L.16.1SC.3.L.14.1; SC.4.L.16; SC.4.L.17.4


To schedule a program for your site, or at the Museum, please fill out the online registration form.  Programs are considered booked when they are paid for. Payment, or purchase order is required 10 days prior to your program date. 

For additional information, email, or call 850.575.8684 ext. 141.

Program fee: Payment must be received upon booking in order to secure a date and time for your program. Check, cash, credit card, or purchase order are accepted.

Admission fee: May be paid upon arrival. Admission waived for 1 adult chaperone per 10 children.

Cancellations: A refund of the program fee, minus a $25 processing fee will be issued to groups canceling up to two business days (Monday- Friday) prior to the program. Any groups canceling within two business days (Monday-Friday) will not receive a refund.

Scheduling Changes: We understand that changes arise in scheduling and therefore allow for one change in date and time no less than 2 weeks prior to a reservation. A $25 processing fee for program date/time change is applied to any change made in addition to the allowed change, or one that is less than 2 weeks prior.

Home School

Home school programs are offered in 2 sessions, 1 session per grade level per month, K-5th grade and 6th-12th grade. Programs are 2 hours in length. Once children are signed in with the instructor, if a parent wishes to stay, they must pay admission to the Museum. Members pay no admission.

We are excited to announce that our 2017-18 Home School schedule is now up on our event calendar!