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The Forgotten Wolf

“The Forgotten Wolf” takes visitors on a photographic journey through national Red Wolf conservation
efforts. As it stands today, red wolves are the most endangered wild animal in the United States and the
most endangered wolf in the world. With only a limited number of red wolves still in the wild, this
exhibit shines light on the lives of this enigmatic animal and the conservation efforts that are underway
to stem the tide of their extinction.

Featuring the work of world renowned and award-winning photographers, the Tallahassee Museum and
Weiler Woods for Wildlife hope to spread awareness surrounding the research and recovery of this
species through the images and videos presented in this exhibit. In conjunction, we encourage our guest
to visit the museum’s red wolves on the Wildlife Trail to better understand our own efforts to ensure the longevity and
security of this animal in America. As the 6th institution to join the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP) in
1988, the Tallahassee Museum has a sustained commitment to the conservation of this species and we
hope this exhibit, and the care of our own red wolves, will inspire guests to get involved in protecting this incredible animal.

View historical wagons previously located at the Museum of Florida History and “The Forgotten Wolf” in the Phipps Gallery during your next visit.


Meet our new Guest Animal: Dingoes!

Dingoes are considered Australia’s first wild canid arriving 3000-4000 years ago.

Today, dingoes are considered a Vulnerable population.

Coloring ranges from sandy to black and tan depending on where the dingo lives.

These two brothers are high energy and love to play.

Stop by the Tallahassee Museum to say hello! 🤩 🌳 🐾