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Beloved Florida:

Photographs by the Wheelchair Highwaymen

The Wheelchair Highwaymen are Florida nature photographers who are quadriplegic. The daily challenges they face and overcome have not stopped them from searching for and capturing these beautiful moments. Their goal is to use drone technology, photography, and nature to inspire and enrich the lives of individuals with and without disabilities.


The Wheelchair Highwaymen bring the beguiling Florida landscape to life in the gallery with soaring perspectives. Sweeping vistas recall native lands. Vivid colors accentuate precious resources. Nature’s spectacle invites us to celebrate its splendor.

The works stand alone as virtuosic exemplars of aerial photography; however, they gain significance with the artists’ purpose-driven message of advocacy for accessibility. The Wheelchair Highwaymen couple beauty with commitment. They fuse form with the principle to reveal the power of art to positively change the world for people of all abilities.

 It is a pleasure to work with Max, JR, and Gordon to bring their art to the Tallahassee Museum. I am honored, too, to represent Arts4All Florida whose vision is to create a world in which the arts are universally accessible.

 Enjoy this exhibition that captures a countryside replete with beauty and ecological drama that can only be found in our beloved Florida!


Guest Curator