Sustainability Initiatives


Community leadership in sustainability is paramount at the Tallahassee Museum. We invite you to see the ways our team works every day to keep the Museum and its surroundings beautiful. 


Our community, public, and camp programs use many re-purposed items in crafting and building. Great care and consideration for human and environmental impacts go into any item the Museum chooses to purchase.

The Tallahassee Museum partners with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® Program to promote sustainable seafood message. As a Conservation Partner, we do this through our public programs, community outreach events, exhibits, and animal feeding programs. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch


Our facilities team has incorporated LED lighting into 90 % of the buildings on the site, which lowers our energy usage.

Green Infrastructure 

We are on board with green infrastructure! A chain lake system surrounds the Museum and is part of the Lake Munson watershed. The Museum is on top of making sure that stormwater coming from our facility has a chance to permeate into the soil and filter naturally into the ground – instead of our beautiful lake system. Thanks to our incredible team of green infrastructure volunteers, we are able to share the knowledge and importance of water protection at our site! Check out the ways you can incorporate these naturally wonderful methods into your home landscape!

Our Amazing Green Infrastructure Partners