Experiences for Adults

The Tallahassee Museum also offers a variety of fun Adult Experiences! In addition to the programs below, be sure to check our events and workshops calendar for upcoming happenings, here.



Tours for Any Age Group

*All Tours are only offered at the Museum*

Guided and Self-guided tours are available at the Tallahassee Museum daily! CLICK HERE for more details on how you and your family can learn more about the natural history and wildlife of North Florida.






bobcatFlorida Wildlife Tour

Every day is different on the trail! We invite your group to take a guided tour with us!  We will share fun facts, stories, and answer questions for you about Florida’s native wildlife.





Big Bend Farm TourBig Bend Farm Tour

Get ready to explore the farm buildings, farm animals, and the past! An educator greets you in period appropriate attire as they guide your group through the 1880’s farmstead.





owl prowlGroup Night Prowl

This special group program is only offered in the evening. Groups will head down the Florida Wildlife trail at night to observe the nighttime behaviors of the animals on our trail. Guides will be located throughout the trail to help your group find animals in the habitats. $175 for 25 people or less, up to 24 additional people at $5 per person. $350 for 50 people, up to 400 people at $5 per person.










Wildlife day at the Tallahassee Museum

Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds

Would you like an animal combo? This program has it all. We will discover common characteristics as well as explore differences between groups – an encounter with at least one of these critters will help participants to compare and contrast between them.






Auditorium Program at your site

In this program, a minimum of two educators and a variety of 5 animals will come to your site and offer an exciting, interactive animal show to your group. Engaging activities will pique the interest of all participants! This program is $350, and 90 minutes in length. Serves an audience of up to 200 participants.