Onsite Programs

Pre-K Museum Experiences

All Pre-K Museum Experiences are offered at the Museum and are $75 per program per 25 individuals.

Animal Quest – We’ll pass out the binoculars and head down the Wild Florida Trail! Your group will go on a quest to find our furry, feathered, and scaly friends!

Animals On the Farm – Enjoy this guided tour to learn what our animals eat and what foods they produce.  We will sing songs, rhyme, and have a great time!

A Story with an Animal An educator will read one of the following books to the group and then you will get an animal encounter.

Snake! Shout Fear Out by Carrie Hyatt

Hurry Little Tortoise by Carrie Finison

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

Turtle Comes out of her Shell by Sue Graves

My Grandma Lives in Florida by Ed Shankman (alligator encounter)

K-5th grade Museum Experiences

These Museum Experiences are only offered at the Museum and are $75 per program per 25 individuals.

Down on the Farm (K-3rd grade) It’s time for chores but it won’t be a bore! An educator in period attire will give your group a hands on history lesson comparing family life and cultures of past and present. Churn and taste butter, try household chores, or get dirty in the garden! SS.K.A.1; SS.1.A.1; SS.2.A.1; SS.3.A.1

Habitat Hunt (1st-3rd grade) – What is a habitat? What is needed for survival? Take your group on a scavenger hunt to explore the necessary items within a habitat. Students will also have a chance to meet one of our inhabitants! SC.1.L.14; SC.1.L.17; SC.2.L.14; SC.2.L.17; SC.3.L.17

A Drop in the Bucket – unavailable until further notice

A Child’s life in the 1880s – unavailable until further notice

Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds (4th -5th grade) -This program has it all. We will discover common characteristics as well as explore differences between groups. An encounter with at least one of these critters will help students to compare and contrast between them. SC.4.N.1; SC.4.L.17; SC.5.N.1; SC.5.L.15

Night Creatures (4th -5th grade) – Hunting and foraging at night is very different than during the day! Get ready for a fascinating discussion about heightened senses, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of nocturnal species.  We will use one of our education animals as an example! You’ll have a hooting good time! SC.4.N.1; SC.4.L.17; SC.5.N.1, SC.5.L.15


Museum Experiences for Any Age Group

All Museum Experiences are only offered at the Museum and are $75 per program per 25 individuals. The following programs may be modified for any age group. 

Florida Wildlife Tour- Every day is different on the trail! We invite your group to take a guided tour with us!  We will share fun facts, stories, and answer questions for you about Florida’s native wildlife.

Big Bend Farm Tour- Get ready to explore the farm buildings, farm animals, and the past! An educator will greet you in period appropriate attire as your group is guided through the 1880s farmstead.

Historic Buildings Tour- unavailable until further notice

Group Night Prowl– This special group program is only offered in the evening. Groups will head down the Florida Wildlife trail at night to observe the nighttime behaviors of the animals on our trail. Guides will be located throughout the trail to help your group find animals in the habitats. Guests will have an up-close encounter with one of Florida’s native critters.  $225 per 25 individuals.


If you are interested in a program, then please fill out the online registration form.