Museum Mixology: Climate Change and Ocean Acidification: Impacts for Florida.

Apr 22, 2021

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Dr. Bill Landing will discuss the natural and anthropogenic (human society)
causes of climate change and ocean acidification and its potential
impacts on Florida and the rest of the world.

William Landing is a full professor in the new Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science at Florida State University. His research interests include the biogeochemistry of trace elements in marine and fresh waters with emphasis on the effects of biological and inorganic processes on dissolved-particulate fractionation, solution speciation, and redox chemistry; the development of analytical schemes for studies of trace element concentrations, equilibrium complexes, and redox states in natural waters and the atmosphere; the chemistry and deposition of atmospheric aerosols and precipitation, and mercury cycling in the atmospheric and in aquatic environments. More specifically, Bill and his research team study how natural and pollution dust that is blown off the continents affects marine biological productivity.



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