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Did you know? In the wild, African Civets inhabit the savannahs and the forests of southern and central Africa. Stop by and see these amazing visiting animals soon! #TallahasseeMuseum #Civet #AfricanCivet #TallahasseeFl #iHeartTally #ExploreFL #LoveFL #Museum #LiveMuseum #FamilyVacation










We are excited to announce that our Spring/Summer Guest Animals are here!

African Civets are truly unique animals with unusual markings looking like a cross between a cat and a raccoon but not actually belonging to either family.  They belong to an old world primitive family of carnivores called Viverridae.  African Civets are medium sized mammals from Sub-Saharan Africa.  Their thick dense fur, with varied spots and stripes, provides excellent camouflage against predators.  These nocturnal animals will fluff up their fur and erect a black ridge along their spine when excited or feel threatened.   Although not endangered, they are still at risk due to habitat loss and degradation, as well as for the musk they secrete to mark their territory called civitone, which was widely used in perfumes.

Come see these unique and beautiful visitors!

Fennec Fox guest animal

Spring 2020 Guest Animals

The Tallahassee Museum’s 2020 Spring/Fall Guest Animal Exhibit features Fennec Foxes on loan from Zooville USA, in Plant City, Florida.

Native to the arid regions of South Africa throughout the Sahara. They are the smallest Canid species with the largest ears. Fennec Foxes weigh an average of three pounds, with ears up to six inches long, and one-third of their body weight. Their large ears are food for two things: an excellent sense of hearing, with the ability to hear prey moving underground and keeping them cool in the desert climate. 

 Fennec Foxes are monogamous and live in family groups of up to ten. They have a lifespan of up to 12 years in captivity and can burrow up to 32 feet long and 3.5 feet wide. Fennec Foxes are very vocal, with a variety of yips, barks, and squeaks.

Twice per year, the Museum Guest Animal Exhibit hosts exotic wildlife from around the world, so our community has an opportunity to explore and educate themselves about the difference and similarities between our current guest and our displays of native animals. Stop by to meet and learn about these amazing animals!



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