Guest Animal Exhibit

Introducing our newest Guest Animals –

Abdim’s Stork & Sacred Ibis!

Abdim’s Stork (Ciconia abdimii) is the smallest breed of stork named for an Egyptian politician from the early 1800s. Found mostly throughout the Sahel of central Africa, these birds are often seen in and around large locust swarms for food. Abdim’s Storks make their nests out of sticks and vegetation on cliffs, tree branches, or rooftops. Fun fact! Abdim’s Stocks are roughly the same height as a domestic turkey with the relative weight of a pineapple.

Sacred Ibis (Tskiornis aethiopicus) is one of many bird species that mate for life. It is called the “sacred” ibis because they were used as offerings to Thoth, the ancient Egyptian ibis-headed god of wisdom. Sacred Ibis are opportunistic carnivores, eating only meat including fish, reptiles, eggs, and more. Sacred Ibis can live up to 20 years in the wild and are found throughout the sub-Saharan Africa and southeastern Iraq.