Tallahassee Tree to Tree Adventures Reopens After Course Technology Upgrade

The Museum reopened its three Tree To Tree Adventures courses Wednesday, October 5, after installing new challenge course technology called Quick Trekker Continuous Belay System. This new system upgraded the courses’ original red line cabling system and now enables clients to attach their safety equipment–lanyards and carabiners–to the new safety life line only once, at the beginning of the course and never disconnecting again until they exit the course.

“This new technology will greatly enhance the safety of our clients,” said Russell Daws, president and CEO of the Tallahassee Museum.

“Tallahassee Tree To Tree Adventures’ guide staff will also be able to focus more on creating engaging and memorable experiences through dialog with clients and taking photos,  rather than constantly watching the clipping and unclipping process like they were required to do before.”

The Museum hired American Adventure Park Systems to complete the upgrade project, which took approximately 10 days to complete.

“The incorporation of the Quick Trekker Continuous Belay System demonstrates the Museum’s commitment to having Tallahassee Tree To Tree Adventures as a leader in the field of aerial adventure courses, which will only further support the reputation of the Museum and Tree To Tree Adventures to our current, potential and future visitors and support the destination marketing efforts of the Museum, Visit Tallahassee and Visit Florida,” said Daws.

Since the Tallahassee Tree To Tree Adventures course opened in 2012, over 100,000 visitors of various ages and fitness levels have experienced nature from a bird’s eye perspective, built their self-confidence, accomplished a sense of achievement, and have exercised both their minds and bodies. Tallahassee Tree To Tree Adventures has also greatly contributed to the Museum’s efforts to better serve this community’s teen-age, college-age and young professional audiences’ needs and interests.

For more information about our courses, visit www.treetoreeadventures.com