School Break Camps

Welcome to the Tallahassee Museum’s camp program!  As a nationally accredited history and natural science museum, we are excited to bring science and the arts, to life through engaging hands-on activities.  Our integrated approach implements creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication into each day’s lesson plan. From encounters with wildlife to exploring cultural heritage, your child will have an enriching camp experience at the Tallahassee Museum. 

For more information, please check out the Parent Handbook below. If you still have questions, then please email

2022 SUMMER CAMPS (Grade Completed by May 2022 Kindergarten – 8th Grade)

2022 Preschool Summer Camps (ages 3-5)


Must register online.

Online registration will close 72 hours before the start of camp.

A $25 administrative fee for program date/time change is applied to any change made in addition to the allowed change, or one that is less than 2 weeks prior. Please see Parent Handbook for information on refunds.

Tree to Tree Adventure Camps:   Parents must complete the Tree-to-Tree e-zwaiver no more than 24 hours prior to day camp. Children 41” – 60” tall may use the TREEmendous Adventures Course, $15 per child. Children at least 54” tall may use the Canopy Crossing Course, $25 per child. You will pay this fee the morning of camp – cash, check, or credit card ****Fees are in addition to the camp fee.  Tree to Tree waivers must be filled out each time your child participates in the course.***


The Museum’s Trail Break Café offers a lunch program for K-8th grade campers. Preschool Camp will be offering lunch as well; it can be found on the preschool page. Lunch order forms may be downloaded from the forms section. Forms should be filled out by a parent or guardian, and sent with payment to camp with campers.

COVID 19 Updates: To be socially responsible to our staff and our guests we are implementing safety requirements to assist our community in reducing the spread of COVID-19. These may change as information on COVID-19 is updated.

It is highly recommended unvaccinated individuals wear a mask indoors.

All people entering the classrooms will be required to sanitize hands upon entry. 

All campers will be instructed to use hand sanitizer while in the classrooms.

All campers will be taken to the restrooms prior to and immediately after all snacks and lunch to wash hands with soap and water.

Staff will be instructed to assist with proper hand washing techniques and remind the campers what that looks like.

Doorknobs and handles are cleaned with a disinfectant throughout the day.

Any camper who becomes ill at camp will be isolated from other campers and parents will be called to come pick them up immediately.

Anyone with a fever will not be allowed to remain at camp. A child’s temp is considered elevated at 100.4.

Campers cannot have a fever for at least 24 hours before returning to camp.